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Dawn Organics

Liquid Soap Pastes

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100% Natural & Handmade

Liquid Soap Paste

Organic Coconut Oil + Olive Oil

500g Makes up to 3kg


100% Plant based ~ GMO free ~ PEG & MPG free ~   Synthetic fragrance free ~ Sulfate & Paraben free ~ Mineral oil free ~ Phthalates & Formaldehyde free ~ Palm free ~  Cruelty free ~ Vegan ~ High Glycerin content ~ Preservative Free ~ Surfactant Free ~ Eco Friendly Packaging


Enjoy a non-toxic, eco friendly & no nasties approach to creating your own liquid soap. Dilute , scent & bottle and away you go. Gentle and effective formula safe for the whole family


Liquid Soap Uses;

  • Hand & Vegetable Wash (When Unscented)
  • Washing yourself from head to toe, Great cleanser & conditioner
  • Washing dishes, will easily remove dirt and grime
  • Washing Clothes, will remove stubborn stains and brighten up your clothes
  • Mopping, cleaning floors, surfaces & windows
  • Bathroom & Toilet cleaner + many more


How to dilute;

* Weigh out required soap paste into a clean container

* Combine room temperature distilled / spring water to the paste. It can take a couple of hours to fully dissolve be sure to stir gently. You can gently heat the mixture to speed up the process in a saucepan

* You can dilute liquid soap paste up to a 6:1 ratio. 6:1 ratio is perfect for foaming dispensers

* 3:1 Ratio is perfect for cleaning & body use. Example 100g soap paste to 300g Distilled / Spring Water

* Add required essential oils, bottle & enjoy (Max 1% by total weight)


Store liquid soap paste in the refrigerator for a much increased shelf life. As this is an additive free formula without thickeners, it can be a little watery however it does not mean it is not concentrated. Liquid soaps that are rich in coconut oil tend to be thinner when diluted


Click HERE to head to Dawn Organics YouTube Channel to view the Video tutorial on how to dilute liquid soap paste


Ingredients : Saponified Organic Coconut Oil, Saponified Australian Cold Pressed Virgin Olive Oil, Distilled Water, Vegetable Palm Free Glycerin, Organic Brown Sugar, Himalayan Pink Salt, Sodium Lactate, Grapefruit Seed Extract


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