Liquid Soap FAQs

What is the difference between Body Wash & Liquid Soap?

 Body wash is mainly water with added surfactants to create the bubbling action Such as Decyl Glucoside. Body washes are primarily water based and require a preservative where as liquid soaps use carrier oils such as Olive & Coconut that goes through the saponification process turning it into soap. The soap molecules creates bubbles naturally when it comes into contact with water, just like a bar of soap. Liquid soap does not require a preservative like bar soaps, due to it been alkaline in nature, thus preventing bacterial growth


Why there is a little bit of free oil floating on top of my Liquid Soap?

Dawn's Liquid Soaps that are designed for body use, are superfatted like bar soaps, this is to ensure there is no lye remaining in the product plus doubling up with moisturising benefits


Why does my liquid soap leak from the dispenser? 

When direct sun, heat or rises in temperature increases the pressure in the bottle. After opening, loosen the lid to allow the pressure to escape and continue to use as normal. If you are going away, tighten the lid again and close the pump by pushing it down and twisting it in the lock position 

Why does my liquid soap turn milky, cloudy or opaque?

Natural Liquid Castile Soaps can turn milky, cloudy or opaque in cold weather. This does not alter the function of the product and is still totally safe to use. When the weather warms back up in warmer seasons it will return to a transparent state