Soap Bar FAQs

How to remove Soap Scum & Limescale from Dishes & Surfaces?

Dish & Laundry Soap bars are one of the best zero waste and environmentally friendly product. If you live in an area with hardwater and limescale, over time residue can build up on your dishes and surfaces. This is totally normal as this product is free from synthetic additives. To remove these residues you can fill up your sink with hot water and add a cup full of any type of vinegar. You can use just normal white vinegar. Let me soak and use your sponge (without soap on it) to effectively remove residue
What is the Vitamin E for?

 Dawn Organics Soaps contain natural vitamin E to preserve and protect the excess carrier and essential oils from oxidisation. All Dawn's Soaps have a high percentage of Superfat, which means there is oil leftover in the bar that hasn't been converted to soap. This is one of the reasons why Dawn's Soaps are extra moisturising and nourishing to the skin!

How can I maximise how long my Bar lasts?

After each use, place on a bamboo or wooden soap holder so all the excess water drips off from the bottom. Also this ensures plenty of airflow to keep the bar as dry as possible between uses. Keeping the bar out of direct splash from shower head will also keep it dry and extend its life 

Dawn! How can soap be natural or organic if you use Caustic Soda aka Sodium Hydroxide aka Lye to make Soap?

 Fear not! No matter what you hear or read, you cannot make real soap without lye. And that's no lie

Melt and pour soap has already had lye react with the fatty molecules to create soap! That method erases the need for the individual to handle the substance. However the manufacturer has already handled the lye process for you

More importantly. Lye is electrocuted salt from sea or salt water. It sits at 14 on the PH scale which is why it is caustic to skin and will burn on contact. There is no lye remaining in soap as all of it has been converted into soap molecules when it is introduced to fats and oils. Superfatting your soap ensures this by having extra free oils leftover. Also doubles up as been extra nourishing and moisturising to the skin

What is Sodium Lactate?

Sodium Lactate is a salt from lactic acid, the fermentation of sugars Derived from corn and beets. Dawn uses a totally natural GMO free sodium lactate. This amazing additive is a new edition to Dawn's Bar soaps, it helps keep the bars harder so it lasts longer with more uses. Also great skin conditioning benefits and lather boosting properties

Hot Process vs Cold Process, What's the Difference?

There is no difference in the finished product. Hot process is slow cooked, cold process is done at room temperature. Aesthetically speaking you can tell the difference, hot process has a rough and rustic look, where as cold process has a rich creamy, smooth texture. Dawn's Soaps will be moving to Cold Process method