Candle FAQs

My candle is smoking, why?

 The most common reason is not trimming the wick between uses

How can I maximise my burn time? Any tips?

For Jar candles, try not to burn more than 5-6 hours at a time as the glass by then will be fairly hot and melt the wax a little faster. Also placing on a heat resistant surface as well as away from any major drafts, windows or doors that open frequently

Essential Oil & Natural Fragrant Oils in Candles, Any difference?

There most certainly is. You must give your essential oil soy wax products whether it be tealights, or jar candles a little time to pool before you can smell the aroma. There is an array of health benefits with using essential oils in candles, it's a means of diffusion with a flame and we breathe in the chemical compounds that can improve our mood, state of mind, health, clear sinuses and so on. There is plenty of information regarding Aromatherapy and each essential oil. Always best to conduct your own research and make an informed decision

 Natural Fragrant oils are for Aromatic purposes. They are also labelled this way in the shop to make it easier to distinguish between the two. They can make a room smell great in a very short amount of time. They most certainly improve the feel and mood of the room