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George from Dawn Organics


Hello, George here from Dawn Organics. People often ask me what got me into making the products I do, particularly soaps. I had suffered from severe eczema when I turned 15, my shoulders, neck, and back we're covered in red, blotched itchy skin and nothing helped or soothed the pain I was feeling


I had spent a lot of money over the years trying natural creams, soaps, body washes, no matter how natural & clean the ingredients list appeared to be nothing helped, in many cases they made it worse. So a few years ago in my late 20's, I decided to start playing around with recipe's with soap. At first they were just on paper, then when I built up the courage I then bought all the necessary ingredients. Boy did I make some shocking soap at first, it terms of softness. They only lasted a few washes. I didn't want to throw them out, I felt like they we're a big waste to do that, so I left them as hand soap and eventually tried them in the shower after they had cured


After first use, I felt an immediate calming feeling on my skin, especially the areas of problem with eczema. They didn't itch. Not uncommon for new products to give a placebo effect so I still thought to myself, eh, the other's did that too. After a week of use will be the real test. After about a week, My skin started to turn back into it's normal color. I was shocked as I hadn't seen that in over a decade. I then suddenly firmly believed in what I was doing, and a handmade no nasties approach was definitely the way to go for my skin issues


After a couple of months of using my Olive / Almond soap my eczema vanished. I haven't had eczema since. I have now been almost 4 years eczema free and going strong. Customers often ask what my favorite bars are, I personally love the unscented olive bars & the Coconut & Olive Lemon Myrtle bars they are gentle and mild


These days I am a confident soap maker, loving to play with different recipes, colouring techniques with natural clays. A lot of my recipes I think about before I go to sleep, as soon as I wake up after my coffee fix I begin to test batch! The double oat soap bars is one of them!


Thank you for reading! I always love to hear stories from customer's also, keep them coming.

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