Elly's Everyday Soap Review of Dawn Organics Soaps

I was incredibly humbled by Elly last year as she did a review of my soaps on her YouTube channel. I have been following Elly for a few years now and enjoy watching her content. I often comment on her posts and channel, we got to talking eventually and offered each other a trade of our soaps to try!
As we we're talking, she had never used Shea Butter in her soaps before. I wanted her to experience the Shea difference so after a few exchanges we decided on sending some Shea butter (I also included lots of goodies from my range as Elly is a favourite). Elly originally thought I was a Shea butter sales person trying to sell her Shea butter 😂
Elly's Generosity shun through very quickly when I was surprised by a video she had uploaded showcasing the Shea butter I had sent, but also my soaps. It kicked started my YouTube channel as she has quite a large following. It was awfully generous of her, I was not expecting it. Elly has amazing videos on soap & bread making, which I consider both to be life skills. Head on over to her channel and view her videos 
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