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Soap Making Class (Level 1) Online

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Virtual Soap Making Class Level 1 for beginners now available. Classes will be conducted in group chat setting using Skype or Teams in groups of 4. This is to ensure a nice intimate setting where we can discuss the art of soap making, aromatherapy and making our very first batch together!


Soap Making Level 1, We will cover;

  • Using Lye Calculator (
  • Formulating a basic & functional recipe
  • Properties of the main oils & butters used in Soap Making
  • Soap Additives
  • Effective Natural Scenting & Colouring Using Essential Oils & Clays
  • Safety precautions regarding Lye Handling & Soap Safety Practices
  • Making your first batch of soap with me!
  • Step-by-step walkthrough live
  • One or Two colour swirl


Classes will go for a few hours, I will be with you every step of the way until you pour your creation. Soap is an amazing life skill to have, it is a very functional thing and we all need soap to clean ourselves and around the house

----------------- Please Read -----------------


Here are the files required for you to view and read thoroughly before your soap making level 1 class & journey begins

There are a few videos you need to watch to familiarise what you need to get started, and the general information you need to know about the soap making process. They are a must know including how to use a lye calculator & basic recipe formulation

A stable internet connection and a phone / tablet arm is necessary for online classes. There is also necessary in advance preparation of raw materials for the day of, such as preparing our ice cubes with the required additives


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