Aromatherapy Soy Wax Melts 6-pack 150g
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Aromatherapy Soy Wax Melts 6-pack 150g

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150g Pack of 6 Large square soy wax melts. They are fairly larger than most soy wax melts on the market, depending on how deep your wax warmer or electric oil burner is you may need to cut it in half. Each melt has a minimum of 6 hours melt time.


Hand Crafted 100% Natural Soy Wax Melts. Enjoy the beautiful aroma of Essential Oils, built around the foundation of Aromatherapy Principles


Plant based ~ 100% Natural Soy Wax ~ Paraffin free ~ Synthetic fragrance free ~ Lead free ~ Cruelty free ~ Vegan ~ 100% essential oil ~ Handmade Recycled Packaging ~ Eco Friendly


Dawn is committed to using materials that are or can be recycled and the minimal use of product packaging. Please Recycle 


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