Ingredients & Allergen Information

Dawn always gets asked about certain ingredients, their properties and what their purpose is. So here is a table outlining them for easy reference;


Allergen Statement

As with any product, always patch test to determine compatibility & discontinue use if incompatible. Whilst every effort is made, Dawn Organics cannot guarantee there will be no presence of other essential oils or ingredients & assumes no responsibility. Take notice of all the products & ingredients from the Dawn Organics product range. If you are allergic, Proceed with caution or do not purchase. Dawn Organics uses Almond oils and other Almond products in some of it's recipe's as stated above I cannot guarantee there will be no presence


Additives & Inputs

Pink Himalayan Salt - Helps keep the soap harder between uses for longevity. Pink salt has amazing skin healing benefits & 84 trace minerals. It is one of the purest salts around with no nasties or anti-caking agents

Sodium Lactate - A vegetable derived liquid salt from the fermentation of corn & beetroot. This ingredient adds hardness to your bar, skin conditioning benefits and lather boosting properties thus resulting in an increase in longevity. Non-GMO

Natural Vitamin E - A vegetable derived antioxidant made from soybeans, used to extend the shelf life of bar soaps, and slow down oxidation of essential & carrier oils. Has amazing anti-aging benefits and slows down skin aging. It also speeds up skin healing, a great addition to baby & body balms. Non-GMO

Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) - Derived from fresh grapefruit seeds & rinds. This amazing additive also acts as a antioxidant much like Vitamin E and possesses amazing cleaning, and disinfecting properties. It naturally offers some broad spectrum anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti-viral properties

Citric Acid - Derived from citrus fruits, this additive has similar properties to GSE and can be used to neutralise liquid soap. It acts as a antioxidant and offers some broad spectrum protection

Organic Brown Sugar - An amazing additive, provides great lather, skin & hair conditioning properties

Lye - Otherwise known as sodium / potassium hydroxide, is an alkali used to react with fatty acids that are present in oils and butters to create soap (Saponification). None remain in the finished product. It is the same with Melt & Pour soap bases as the manufacturer has already handled the lye process for you. Lye is made from salt water / brine. You cannot make soap without lye, and that's no lie 


Carrier Oils

Olive Oil - Great skin moisturiser & conditioner. Has mild cleansing properties. Can gently remove makeup, great for sensitive skin, psoriasis, eczema, acne. Great soap for babies and kids of any age. Has great anti aging & anti inflammatory properties. Leaves skin feeling soft. Safe to use from head to toe, rich in skin loving fatty acids. It's just a must have!
Coconut Oil - The best cleansing oil you can use out of any, creates rich lather and will clean your skin very well. Great to clean not just your skin, but dishes, clothes and around the home. Has great anti aging & anti inflammatory properties. creates a nice longer lasting white bar
Sweet Almond Oil - An excellent addition to any soap, similar benefits to Olive oil. Extremely rich in fatty acids, vitamins A, E & D, Oleic and Linoleic fatty acids. Great for sensitive, dry, irritated skin and has soothing benefits to skin issues like psoriasis & eczema
Castor Oil - A mild and gentle oil with great cleansing & conditioning benefits, also adds great lather to soap. It is great for sensitive skin, babies and helps with skin issues. It promotes skin and wound healing as well as keeping your skin & hair healthy.
Shea Butter - A great moisturising addition to any recipe. Safe for all ages, rich in Vitamin A, E & F. Similar to Jojoba oil, this butter is similar to our skins natural sebum, it absorbs well. Great for sensitive, dry & irritated skin, hair & lips with rapid healing qualities. Protects against environmental stresses and has natural UV protection. Has great anti aging properties, increases skin elasticity and reduces fine lines
Mango Butter - A great addition to any recipe, whether shampoo, bars body soaps or balms. Great for all skin types especially aging and mature skin. Has a deeply complex chemical structure system and is rich in Oleic acids, Stearic acid, Palmitic acid, Arachidic acid, Vitamin A, C, & E
Cocoa Butter - Yum, a very rich and strong chocolatey aroma. Beautiful creamy texture when added to soaps. Rich in anti aging fatty acids, improves skin elasticity, rich in antioxidants, great moisturising benefits. Rich in plant phytochemicals which improve blood flow to the skin thus improving the appearance of skin from wrinkles, fine lines & stretch marks. Contains vitamins E & K & also protects against external environmental factors


Essential Oils & Natural Fragrances

Essential Oils - Obtained from steam distillation or cold pressing plant source materials, such as fruits, vegetables, barks, herbs & shrubs. These volatile oils are pure plant medicine based on Aromatherapy principles, include many health benefits and most importantly safe for everyone and the environment
Natural Fragrances - A combination of essential oils, resins, isolates & extracts. They consist of many different inputs from an array of methods to provide the desired scent. Much like essential oils, are environmentally friendly and perfectly safe